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Juvenile Defense - Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Help for Juvenile Offenders: Taking on the Texas Juvenile Justice System

Juvenile DefenseThe Texas Juvenile Justice System handles cases involving children between the ages of 10 and 17. While most of the offenses handled by this agency are minor in nature, certain crimes can have a lifelong effect on the youthful offender. In some cases, Texas counties may request that a juvenile be certified as an adult and tried in the regular court system. This can potentially lead to children as young as 14 being tried as adults and becoming eligible for the death penalty. The consequences of youthful offenses can haunt these individuals throughout their adult lives. Finding the right juvenile defense attorney can help to prevent these long-lasting negative effects for children in the Texas Juvenile Justice System.

Types of Juvenile Offenses

Approximately 130,000 children pass through the Texas Juvenile Justice System each year. Most are charged with relatively minor offenses that can be adjudicated through probation officers and require little involvement with the court. About a third of the cases that pass through this system, however, involve serious charges that may include the following:

  • Murder and manslaughter
  • Assault
  • Possession of controlled substances
  • Burglary or vandalism

Retaining the services of a qualified Houston criminal defense lawyer can provide added help in mounting a solid juvenile defense in the state of Texas. The Law Office of Johnny P. Papantonakis can provide expert legal services that can protect the rights of minors in the juvenile justice system.

Assertive Representation for Juvenile Offenders

Thanks to our extensive experience in the criminal defense field, the Law Office of Johnny P. Papantonakis can provide aggressive representation for minors who have been charged with serious crimes. We can contest efforts to try juvenile offenders as adults and can protect their rights in the Texas legal system. In some cases, our legal team can have charges dismissed altogether to ensure the best possible outcome for these young defendants. If drug or alcohol abuse issues are involved, we can advocate for treatment plans and rehabilitation rather than time in a detention center.

Help throughout the Legal Process

From the time a child enters the Texas legal system until he or she turns 18, the right representation can make a significant difference. The Law Office of Johnny P. Papantonakis can protect the rights of juveniles accused of serious crimes. Our expert legal team has the knowledge and the experience needed to navigate the Texas Juvenile Justice System effectively and to provide the best possible defense for these young defendants. We can also work to expunge records after probation or court-ordered treatment has been completed, allowing our clients to begin their adult lives free from legal entanglements.

The Law Office of Johnny P. Papantonakis serves the entire Houston metropolitan area and delivers the most comprehensive criminal defense services in Harris County. If someone you know is currently facing charges in juvenile court, give us a call at 713-630-0900 to set up a consultation with our legal team.