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Choosing the right lawyer is essential to protect your legal rights and to deliver the best representation for your case both in and out of court. The Law Office of Johnny P. Papantonakis can provide expert legal representation for clients in the Houston, Texas, area. We have earned a reputation for excellence in providing our clients with the aggressive defense they need to protect their good names and their freedom. By choosing to work with us, you can enjoy the most assertive representation for your case.

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Houston DWI Defense Attorney

By retaining the services of the Law Office of Johnny P. Papantonakis, you can navigate the challenges of the criminal justice system more effectively. Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney can even the playing field for clients facing serious charges in Texas courts. Mr. Papantonakis will discuss your case with you throughout the proceedings and will provide you with the most aggressive defense against all charges. If a plea agreement is necessary, we will negotiate the best possible outcome for your case to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the quality of your defense.

DWI Defense Attorney Free Consultation

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Free Consultation

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

During your first consultation with the Law Office of Johnny P. Papantonakis, you will meet with your attorney and discuss your case, your expectations and your required court appearances. We will provide you with an honest evaluation of your prospects and will work with you to achieve the most positive outcome for your case. While no attorney can guarantee results, we will work with you to identify areas where the evidence is lacking or where procedural errors can be used to reduce the severity of the charges or to have them dismissed entirely.

Criminal Defense Attorney Free Consultation

Criminal Case Results
  • No-billed – Sexual Assault of a Child
  • Dismissed – Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child
  • Dismissed – 38 kilos of Cocaine

Representing Clients in State and Federal Cases

Parole Violations

If you are on parole or probation for a previous offense, maintaining full compliance with the terms and conditions of your release is critical to ensure your continued freedom from prison. Failing to adhere to these conditions can result in your return to jail and may even add time to your sentence. The Law Office of Johnny P. Papantonakis can provide you with the robust and responsive representation you need to address probation or parole violations quickly.

Parole Violations

Drug Charges

If you have been arrested on drug-related charges, retaining the services of a qualified attorney as soon as possible can protect your legal rights and ensure the most effective defense for your case. Crimes involving the possession or sale of marijuana or cocaine are often prosecuted aggressively. Putting the same degree of intensity on your side can help you fight these charges and defend yourself in the Texas legal system.

Drug Charges

Violent Crimes

If you have been accused of a violent crime, you may be wondering what your options are in the legal arena. Violent crimes encompass a wide range of offenses that include arson, rape, weapons charges, kidnapping, assault, manslaughter and murder. These are among the most serious crimes and typically result in the harshest penalties in the Texas legal system. Retaining the services of a qualified criminal defense lawyer can help you fight these charges and reduce the chance of jail time.

Violent Crimes